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We are strategizing and building a great Team to restore Chicago, but Latasha NEEDS ballot access. 



12, 500


Will you help Latasha get on the ballot?

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"When we come together, Chicago Wins!"


We need volunteers standing together with Latasha to fight for our shared values of hope to restore Chicago. 


Donate as little as $1 to protect our children's future and restore our great City. Help Latasha get on the ballot.


Come meet, and talk to Latasha about her plan to restore Chicago and sign her petition. 

Be Louder From The Bottom UP! is committed to connecting, informing, and exposing public policies and practices that cause moral depravity and economic disparities. Collectively, we are vital in redefining solutions and strategies that implement change in our City. 

Key Focus Areas:​​

CPS education seems to be in an orbit of abject failure, with 18% proficient in Math and only 22% in Reading.  Parents must have a seat at the table and be provided with curriculum transparency for an effective parent-teacher partnership to ensure children receive a quality academic education free from sexual and sociopolitical ideologies. Empowering parents to take the lead in their children's education is the key to academic success. 



Signing petition sheets

• Each person signing the petition must personally sign the petition. No one may sign another person’s name or signature on the petition, including spouses or members of the family for another person. 
• The signer's residence address must be written or printed opposite his or her name. It shall include the street address, city, and county, except that the City of Chicago and Cook County may be printed on the petition forms.

• Each petition signer must, at the time he or she signs the petition, be registered to vote at the address shown opposite his or her signature on the petition, and the address MUST be within the city of Chicago. 

• Petition signers may not sign more than one nominating petition for the same office. 

Circulating petition sheets

• Petition circulators must be citizens of the United States and either at least 18 years of age or will be
18 years of age by the date of the election. They need NOT be registered to vote, nor are they required to be residents of the City or of the Ward in which they circulate petitions. 
• A candidate may circulate his or her own petition sheets.
• All signatures on a single petition sheet must be signed in the presence of the circulator of that sheet.

Next Steps: 

You must fill in your name and address as the circulator at the bottom of each petition sheet. The completed petition sheets must be notarized and mailed to us, with the Notary Public official seal or stamp affixed to the designated area on each petition sheet. 

Note: Most libraries and banks will notarize sheets for $1 per sheet. 

Please mail the completed, original, signed, and notarized petition sheets to the address below OR, preferably, arrange to have your original, signed, and notarized petitions sheets picked up NO later than November 16, 2022:

Friends of Latasha H. Fields
9017 S. Aberdeen Street 

Chicago, IL 60620

Are you circulating my petition and have questions? Join our Telegram group, or don't hesitate to email  

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***This is not the official campaign page for Latasha H. Fields for Mayor. This page is only for informational purposes and to download the Petition for Latasha H. Fields for Mayor.***

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Team Illinois stands for hope and empowerment! It's time to break up the fallow ground by becoming a voice for change!